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Oil Field Components Inc. is a wholesale distributor of API 6A Wellhead Equipments, Hammer Unions, Gate Valves, Mud Valves, Chokes, Casing, Tubing and Line Pipe Couplings. Our products are manufactured by internationally recognized and API certified companies. Each product is API monogrammed and is offered at competitive prices. Our Products will meet or exceed their specified requirements as requested by the customers and required by API and industry standards.

We are your complete source for flow line products used in oilfield and industrial high-pressure applications. Oil Field Components offers a complete line of hammer union seals, 100% WECO compatible hammer unions are readily available and in stock ready for fast shipment, high-pressure API flanges and related ring joints as well as high-pressure and low-pressure valves and fittings are also in stock.

We stock unions from figure 100 (1,000 psi) up to figure 1502 (15,000 psi) in both threaded and welded styles. Our hammer unions are built strong with forgings of XXH and SCH 160 steel and made for the demanding oilfield and industrial hands that will be using them on a daily basis. All hammer unions are WECO fake rolex equivalent and fully compatible with WECO and FMC brands as well as all other brands of hammer unions available on the market today. We also are a complete source for low and high pressure threaded and welded API flanges.

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